Welcome to the Broke Biker Project

This is a website that you can view the rides of the Black Hills in a 3d_rotation VR 360 format that folks have come to enjoy during the Sturgis Rally each year. Now keep in mind that you don’t have to come only during the Sturgis Rally or have to own a Harley to enjoy these roads. All bikes are welcome regardless of brand or style. In fact, most of us locals have different bikes of different styles. These rides can be enjoyed from Spring to Fall if you choose not to come out during the Sturgis Rally.

Along with the VR 360 ride videos, I have some videos on the basics that are needed for getting by on the cheap. Motorcycle travel does not need to be expensive, although most folks think it is. In fact, most motorcycle travel can be done with gear that you might have lying around the house. I also designed these videos to reach out to the younger crowd to get them interested in motorcycling, for the local businesses for advertising, and for the folks who are no longer able to ride but always wanted to come out but did not have a chance.

Since I’m a local guy who travels all over the State, I meet folks from all over the world that come here to ride and I get a lot of questions once they see my bike with a South Dakota plate. They say to me that they have looked online and there is not much out there for the smaller businesses without searching for hours on end. I agree with them on this issue. They also ask me “What roads are the best? Where do you locals go to camp, bars, places to eat?” etc.

This website is also for local businesses who want to get their information out there. The businesses pay us a monthly fee to put their locations and information on the map. When viewers are planning their trip, they will be able to see the business location, information, and a link to their website. I hope by kicking off this website, it helps you plan your trip, increase local business, and give you a new view on how the rides are. Not just only in the Black Hills, but across the State as well. Over time, more ride videos will be added. Keep the rubber side down and ride safe.

- Big Jon